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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Hitman, Mar 29, 2002.

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  1. Magna

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    Not sure what you're saying here, don't know if it relates strictly to tape reading of listed stocks....do you mean place your stop (either mental or hard) .01 below the bid? If so, why can't you do that in large caps? I frequently bail at the bid or just below it, and I trade alot of (Nas) large caps.
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  2. iiphos


    an unintentional brush of your arm by her is enough to get you to keep this pipe dream? WAKE UP, she doesn't want you. but you won't, you'll keep following her around like a little puppy dog, looking for any sign of interest. sad really, really sad.

    your chances of getting the princess are less than Britney Spears marrying a 12 year old boy who has written her professing his undying love for her. hell, the 12 year old probably realizes he has no shot, but at least he'll get an autographed picture out of the deal.
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  3. don't start this dear abby crap again. besides the last thing he needs is advice from a bunch of loser wankers who never get laid themselves.

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  4. Hitman



    Because in large caps the BID's and ASK's mean a lot less, it could be gone in one print and there are a lot more shake out's.


    I didn't say I think I had a chance because of it, I said I figured out a different way of managing my positions from a "light touch" that I got the inspiration from.
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  5. nkhoi

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    a winning stratergy born out of a signle 'light touch', now you know what to do to have multiple wining stratergy.
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  6. Hitman-
    did you trade today? or did I miss today's journal?
    I'm glad you had a great month in March..i hope to get up to your level soon. So I don't regret not going to the Hitman team! :)
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  7. iiphos


    my point is that you are hanging onto something that isn't there. i've been reading your journals since they began on moneycentral. you need to move on, but you won't.
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  8. I think I'm going to forward these threads to Dear Abbey and see if she cant straighten out this mess. Congrats Hitman, youve taken it up a level, for sure.
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  9. Hitman


    For the first time since I re-tooled Don's open strategy to my personal comfort level, I had to play against a meaningful deficit off the open. Thankfully I was able to prove to myself that I wasn't a one trick pony and I managed to escape this one by a hair.

    While I barely squeezed through to keep my winning streak alive, I am definitely removing FNM from my open play list as this stock squeezed hard against me too many times when the market is tanking. Had to work all day into the final minutes to win this one, 16100 shares each way on 11 of 21 shooting, +286 before commissions, +7 (lol) after, no bullets.

    Pre-Market: No major headlines for me . . .

    9:30: Too many fills definitely overwhelmed me today as I had 3 fills in the money right off the bat but 4 more kicked in at once that made me jumping for stops and somehow I got stopped out on the ones that worked and I stayed in ones that didn't. Made 23 cents off AIG short (thankfully an ASK to lean on), 2 cents on BA short (he was printing .60's and filled me at .90's), lost 2 cents in HON short right before he whacked out the BID at .50 and left a lot on the table, shaken out of CAT for just a 7 cents gain as he printed half of my shared at .90, 2 cent below where I got in, lost 15 cents in BMY and I would have still been ok, lost just 2.5 cents in TXN as I got out of half for a 10 cents loss but the other half for a 8 cents gain, then FNM, ouch, I was in the money immediately and I was about to cheer when he showed an ASK at 80.05, and I put a stop at .06, turned out the ASK was fake (I almost never see specialists do this off the open) and I stopped out of half at .20 (5 cents loss), then he printed .75 and it was peace out for me. Down $400 after ten minutes and I knew I had to fight hard for a win here.

    9:45: Energy rally and I took some small shares in OII / KMI, added a little CRA for BTK move, a little PPG for chemical move, a little IDT for daily chart breakout, scratched them all as I got out of most positions at proper points but should have held IDT.

    10:15: "Touch of Love" positions in SPF/MDC/HOV/MTH/LEN/KBH for what was an amazing home builder rally, got 10-25 cents a piece and I was able to cut the deficit down to just $150. A $400 deficit feels like a huge burden when the market is this choppy, as I knew I could not take heavy positions, so a light touch works best :)

    1:30: Churned LAB as it had no buyers today. Tried to bottom pick BEC but I guess buyers are finally taking a break. Tried NBL on a little natural gas move in the end but it was a no-go. IDT felt super strong and I got the nice leg into the close, score check it was 3:40 and I was up $7, not going to risk ruining my streak and it was time to fold it.

    Team Stats:

    10 of 10 active traders
    89200 shares each way on 38 of 87 shooting (43.6%)
    -186 before commissions (7 of 10 positive)
    -2230 after commissions (3 of 10 positive)

    Top 3 Symbols: AHC, SWC, CVC
    Bottom 3 Symbols: SP, DGX, FNM

    Last night I was able to go have dinner with her again but unfortunately her prince decided to show up near her castle and I had to leave her early. On the way there she called him and told me to be quite as she doesn't want him to know that she still sees me every now and then (well it is not like we actually do anything improper but I guess it is a harmless lie) and I really felt like a lousy thief who just hooked her up with a "pre-theatre" meal in exchange for a little of her time.

    Yes I felt like a moron yet her presence still warms my heart and gives me a lot of strength and hunger, I guess as long as I still get to see her once in a while I have to be happy for now. At least I can say I know exactly what I want in life, and I will continue to give it my 100%, regardless of the result.

    Well look on the bright side, she keeps me VERY humble, and that alone is a huge asset when you are on a 14 games winning streak, no big head for me when I currently have no hope of winning the most important asset in life.

    Strength and courage, even that phrase sounds old but I know by tommorrow morning I will be rejuvenated and ready to fight for her again, and again, and again . . .
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  10. I have been watching your team stats and was wondering how long can your team go if they keep loosing money after fee's. What are you plan's if this keep's getting worst.
    #30     Apr 2, 2002
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