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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Hitman, Mar 29, 2002.

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  1. When the waiter brought us a dessert made of 3 flavors of ice cream which we shared, she joked that the three flavors are her ex, her current prince, and me. It was a very sweet feeling to be even compared to the other two yet a very bitter feeling that she never tried this flavor before. I looked at the butterfly decoration made of biscuits and said I wish instead of fighting on Wall Street everyday, I can be a butterfly that forever flies by her side.
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    Snap outta it..."BUTTERFLIES" ?!?!?!?!
    Man you gotta stop smoking that stuff...

    Seriously, you cannot trade while intoxicated or under the influence... :cool:

    Anyways, you need to get a pal to take you to Scores or something...if I was in NYC, we'd be kicking it there and I would do everything in my power to keep you away from that Princess until she comes crawling back to you..

    Until then..churn'em n burn'em
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  2. i agree with trader88.drop a dime on the guy.
    #12     Apr 1, 2002
  3. Hitman your trading is getting a lot better, but you are the biggest puss that I have ever seen. It hurts me to read your journal sometimes, but its like watching a car accident, you just can't turn your head. I would bet that she talks to all her friends about the loser who keeps buying her stuff and treats her like a queen, but has no shot in hell.

    You need to set a stop loss man, and in my opinion, you hit it a long time ago. Checkout Askmen.com you might learn a thing or too and maybe find your balls in the process.

    Good trading though.
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  4. <i>I will always be waiting for her</i>

    Then she has no incentive to choose you now.

    Date other women and she will be more attracted to you.

    (try it - it works)

    #14     Apr 1, 2002
  5. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    ah...to be so in love, what else is there, not only that you have the ability to squander your money for her love when other guy can't or won't. And the pain, it is so exquisite that one is not truly alive until one experience it. And to think you was able to experience it time and time again I am green with envy. Only one thing left to do, read "the story of O" so you can transcend your pain into the next level of love.
    #15     Apr 2, 2002
  6. dottom


    And maybe she'll tell her friends that he's willing to support her family too, even if she married someone else. She sure has the system figured out.

    Hitman wrote:
    but I wish there is something I can do. I have always told her that I will support her family in anyway I can when needed regardless of who she chose. Perhaps by next year, if I can truly become top tier I will be able to fulfill this dream for her.
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  7. Harry


    Unlike all the others I will not give you "Princess advice" ... I hope you don't mind :eek:

    I started reading your early journal right from the start some times ago and noticed that your trading rules from about mid 2000 seem to have changed a bit - trading in the dead zone yetserday seems to have had an enourmous impact on your P&L - what made you decide not to go for lunch ? You seem to trade some thinner issues now (CRA, SPF, ...) than you would have in 2000?

    #17     Apr 2, 2002
  8. regough


    Hitman, I have read and followed this saga with interest- especially everyone's helpful hints. All that I can add is the following:

    Through very much painful trial and error, I learned that I did not want to be with anyone who did not REALLY want to be with me- at the end of the day, it is the only way that truly works at all levels. (And when it works this way, it is truly an extraordinary experience!)

    #18     Apr 2, 2002
  9. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    from unknow source but seem appr here

    "there ain't nothing in the world
    like a big-eyed girl
    to make me act so funny,
    make me spend my money,
    make me feel real loose,
    like a long-necked goose,
    like a girl--
    Oh baby, thatsa what I like!"
    #19     Apr 2, 2002
  10. Hitman


    ***trading in the dead zone yetserday seems to have had an enourmous impact on your P&L***

    Actually it didn't, as I had a couple of small positions until 2PM when I made a serious run. I only trade the dead zone when I think the market may do something and even then I do very small sizes.

    ***what made you decide not to go for lunch?***

    I did go to lunch :)

    ***You seem to trade some thinner issues now (CRA, SPF, ...) than you would have in 2000?***

    Correct, when the broad market is choppy I try to stay out of the more liquid issues as there are too much noise in them.

    I recognized the important of having a light touch when I was with her once and her hand kind of brushed across my arm (unfortunately it wasn't intentional). Ever since then I developed this mini-strategy for myself, called "Touch of Love".

    I take 200-300 share positions 3-5 of them in different stocks, every time I have an idea about something, anything, I take a quick small position yet manage it with the same sensitivity and care I would as if I am holding her hand. That means I actually pare out half of a 200 share position when I am in the money by say a quarter. When I see positive tape action I pyramid but still very light.

    The thinner the stock the easier the tape, and combined with super tight entry (always a limit order) and even tighter stop (I typically lean on the BID, can't do that in large caps), you can really put yourself into some very low risk situations. While I will never make a killing with the "Touch of Love", it is tremendously helpful when you are testing out new strategies or trying to build on a lead or chipping away at a deficit.

    I am at a point when my mind and my hand are bound together, the second I have an idea I send out 200 shares just to see what happens. It really helps with confidence building as those light brushes add up because 3-5 positions is still 1000-1500 shares and you taking far less risk than a full position in something that can chop you up.

    When the momentum and volatility returns I will most definitely be delivering harder hits but right now the "Touch of Love" approach works best for me. It is the same concept of touching a blade, slap it with your hand and you will lose your fingers, but brush it gentally, no harm is done :)

    By spreading yourself across a variety of set-ups with small shares also greatly diversifies your risk and makes for a more consistent overall result.
    #20     Apr 2, 2002
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