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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Hitman, Mar 29, 2002.

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  1. Rigel


    I think I see the RX connection now.
    #161     Apr 14, 2002
  2. Don -- what's the story with the desk fees? I thought they were rebated out of your commissions, so as long as you trade, it's a wash?
    #162     Apr 14, 2002
  3. def

    def Sponsor

    you're not trying to sell something? who are you kidding?

    other advertisers on this site:
    van buran
    leiber and weissman
    terra nova

    Do you see us bashing each other? You seem to be the only one in a pseudo-mgmt position with all the negativity.

    what are you talking about - sucker people into posting 25K? All the above firms (IB included) offer people who want to trade an opportunity to trade. nothing more. no false promises.

    There is the flip side of backing traders - if they don't win, they are in debt. Sure they can walk away (the commissions on all the recruits cover the losing clients). However, if they get in a hole, you keep them around long enough with the hopes that they'll dig themselves out of the hole. The credit card companies have the same business plan. You could argue that in the end they may win. I'd argue that they're probably better off getting a full time job in the trading industry, get some experience, & building a little nest egg to lean on during hard times before going into this type of debt.
    #163     Apr 14, 2002
  4. <i>make a MAN out of you</i>

    And you are "a MAN?" This is how a man acts?

    I never said prop was the best of the best. But YOU said that you were SO much than "the best of the best." Since YOU have it all figured out and are just so amazing, I asked you to share your infinite wisdom.

    But, you can't. You are just another multiple alias with an ego problem, spewing out playground insults.
    #164     Apr 14, 2002
  5. Banjo


    Rigel, lmao. The single most amazing thing about this game to me is the size of the playbook. You can come at it from almost any point of perception and find a playable angle since it's always in motion. The prop guys take pennies,swing guys longer time frames for more, futs guys do their thing and metooxx is trying to lasoo the theory of relativity into option arbing:) each player finds their own niche and grows or loses. We all have our own success paramiters. FPC may be happy with the best kitty litter and seeing his lady master naked.
    #165     Apr 14, 2002
  6. def

    def Sponsor

    you're right hitman, we have no clue.

    but just for the sake of arguing:

    1: if you put up your own money - how are you in debt?

    2: if you make profits on your hard earned money at IB and most of the other firms advertising on this site, you keep 100% of it less commissions. Ah, but for your opportunity, you get to keep some of that plus commissions;

    3: worldco is not selling a service? from what I read you have been brainwashed by not one but by two people.

    I have nothing against worldco and for a newbie with no cash and no experience, it sounds like an ideal place to start out. However, for someone with a little cash and experience, you don't have a monopoly on opportunity.
    #166     Apr 15, 2002
  7. I certainly don't condone Hitman's blatant advertising, but it's really not surprising. He has often stated, in no uncertain terms, that he's on a recruiting drive, and it seems to me he'll continue posting about the benefits of trading at his firm until further action by moderators is taken.

    I think it's a pity he attacks other firms and other posters with the fervor of a young Turk, as it seems to do nothing but aggravate half the readership. A pity, because I, for one, think he posts some fairly high quality content (apart from the commercials/attacks). I mean compared to some who post no more than incessant snide comments (something about a pussycat comes to mind) I'd rather read hitman anyday.

    #167     Apr 15, 2002
  8. Miki


    Although I really enjoy Hitman’s posts I truly regret that he doesn’t show enough respect for some people on this board – especially when they correspond with him in a professional and cordial manner.

    The Hitman’s enthusiasm for his firm manifests itself very often as silly, insulting and childish outbursts of the nature not suited to the trading professional he hopes to become.
    #168     Apr 15, 2002
  9. Now we are getting down to the facts.
    #169     Apr 15, 2002
  10. The truth is that any firm that offer's a position and asks for a deposit is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. The few on top get all the money at the expense of the little guy just trying to make a living. Most of these so called prop firm's bring in hard working college kid's and take an advantage of them. I only know of two firm's that give a fair chance of success and are honest they are Schonfeld and Worldco. This is a fee based business and most of these firms are run by some really f%@k up people.
    #170     Apr 15, 2002
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