April 3, 3:15PM, Will we have a selloff before the close?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riskfreetrading, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I also mean could the selloff start in few minutes?
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    Yeah, it's coming.
  3. I shorted the Qs at 45.82, but it not coming fast as I want it to be. I like fast moves immediately after I enter.
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    dont we all :D
  5. so stop being one of those bidding the Qs at such high level as 45.80---Joking buddy! Now a bit more seriously, I was looking at the book and at the time I posted this thread, the bids were really larger than asks, so I was asking myself who those bidders are? What do they have in mind to buy at that level? Maybe it is me who is wrong here, but I just wanted to know what those bidding were thinking.
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    :eek: hehe
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    Woo hoo, 30c selloff, you take the dimes and run?

  8. Yes I did, but I only took 20c. I covered too early (at around 45.60). I still do not understand who those buyers are. The selloff was around 3:45PM which is typically the time when margins are reset on futures. If this is correct, the traders were selling which means they were buying before, which means they may be losing if they bought higher.
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    Guys like you who try to pick tops but know that this market is acting short so there is always a bid directly under the market. We are in the process of unwinding 5 months of bearish sentiment.
  10. the market is pointing to huge move tomorrow after jobs report...money on the sidelines and no big ARB movement today...agree?...thoughts?...really believe tomorrow will be massive sell off of weeks gains or huge rally based on report and shrugging off ole 'credit woes'...market very stagnant today...also Oil down only slightly, Gold up slightly and the dollar index only down slightly and Euro only up slightly...hmmm, sounds like the 'perfect storm' set-up for a huge move either way tomorrow...agree?

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