April 28 - May 2 : The Week of Great Volatility

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  1. cszulc


    We'll see some great volatility throughout this coming week. Profits can be easily had, with 20-30 point ranges in the ES probable starting mid-week on Wednesday. Take a look at this:

    Consumer Confidence
    (with UMich Consumer Sentiment on Friday this shouldn't be good)

    ADP Employment
    Q1 GDP-Advance
    Chicago PMI
    Crude Inventories
    FOMC Policy Statement (my projection is they hold rates at 2.25%)

    Auto Sales
    Initial Claims
    Personal Income/Spending
    PCE Core Inflation
    Construction Spending
    ISM Index

    The Employment Report

    Be prepared for everything this week as we'll see a lot of news and great volatility.

    Week-end SPX Target: 1350 (yes, I'm that bearish)
  2. Will probably be all bad news and send the S&P500 to 1500.
  3. cszulc


    Haha, wouldn't doubt it. That is why I don't have anything positioned before the news, expect a small position in SPY puts (I think VIX is going back in the mid-20s).
  4. Div_Arb


    You know what they say.. Sell in May and go away..

    Let's pray to the almighty Mr. Market for a huge wave 5 downleg over the month of May - I have some long term money to put to work!

    4 digit DOW and 3 digit S&P - Let's just go ahead and get this over with!
  5. Market climbs a wall of worry. Expect more upside.
  6. there isn't much worry right now though...
  7. gobar


    i say 1440 by end of week.

    employment number will be good this time and market will rally. ADP is always good and fed will lower .25 to keep market up.

    so that everything looks good and bamm
    week of may 5th where u will see some selling and whole may will be bloody.

    thats what i am reading on some of the blogs...

    bull for a week..

  8. Yeah sure. Take a look at the charts, they are telling me its going higher. SPX, NDX, DJIA all above resistances, which become support now.

    Money market accounts paying 2-3% where do you think those funds will go?

  9. Still buying SPY puts? How beautiful.
  10. s&p needs to close above 1400....we shall see, I personally could care less.
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