April 2001

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Chuck Krug, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this site. I look forward to talking to you guys.
    Does anyone remember that day in april 2001 where there were no bids for what seemed like an eternity and the market went in a freefall only to bounce up sharply later? Glad i wasn't long then. (wasn't short either, btw) I remember i was too shellshocked to buy. Just sat there in disbelief.
    Was wondering how you guys fared that day?

  2. I think you mean April of 2000, not 2001.
  3. you are correct sir, it was 4/00, as I recall, that whole month must have been juicy for prop guys. I was still on the sell side, couple years worth of tough times were made up in that month!
  4. How nostalgic! The Dow was down atleast 700 points, the Nasdaq was down ~400 and the S&P was down ~100 handles. Shortly thereafter, everything was unchanged. I made some money on the rebound. On the way down, the market was bumping into many limits. It was real breathtaking stuff.