April 13 around the corner retreat

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riskfreetrading, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. The market seems to want to sell, but also seems to be waiting for something (event, news, etc).

    Any news of some sort is expected today?

    What would be the possible reasons for a retreat in the near future?

    I am shorting Nasdaq-100. Let the retreat start. Time is 2:00PM as I started this thread. Wish me well friends!
  2. ammo


    goldman sachs sells there 10 billion worth of stock,tommorrow at 8 30 am with fake earnings report ,then we can retreat
  3. Interesting. Did they announce it or will they announce it (it= 10billion stocks)?
  4. Something is surely fishy. I find it hard to believe all the financial woes of the last 7 months have simply gone away and are all better now.
  5. The rally is supported by declining volume... no sure why nobody else has mentioned this.
  6. I think you'd normally see declining volume in a start to earnings season, no?
  7. I agree, something is totally wrong here. The overwhelming sentiment is that this run is total BS, and yet it keeps going. Plenty of evidence that GS is controlling a large percentage of the trading. The fact that people are aware of the possible stock sale and the banks are higher again is very unusual. WFC pre-announcing the day before a holiday, when vol will be light, helped the cause. I got a feeling when the dam breaks, its gonna be a flood. It could hold off until the shorts are just devastated, and longs will be left holding the bags.
  8. your point being?
  9. S2007S


    If you are long financials its time to get out, anyone with profits is getting real greedy. I sold off my RFL and FAS on friday in my IRA and sold off most of my FAS in my trading account at $9.32, I dont care if it goes to $11 or $12, the next drop in the market is coming sooner than later, unless these earnings were lowered so much that nearly 70% will come in with positive news I still cant buy into the hope and fantasy like market conditions....
  10. Did you sell your fas to average down on your faz again? How many shares and at what average price are you at now? Your credibility leaves something to be desired with these posts.

    I'll admit that this show of market optimism is scary/freaky/bizarre, but I have to laugh each time you give us your positions.
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