Apps are dead - What's next ? TechLead

Discussion in 'App Development' started by Nobert, May 20, 2020.

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    Google Home will be next.

    we are simply too lazy to talk and listen.

    when we use computer / apps, we can scroll, skip ...
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    What's with this guy anyways? He has an avg 100k views each video, meaning, he makes around 1k-1.5k per video. If he was that smart and worth 100 or 200 dollars an hour, whether as developer or tech lead or consultant or trader he would be wasting precious time with those videos. Apparently something is off about this guy. He constantly has to state his monetary worth and past employers. Sounds like he is battling with self esteem issues.

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    Add Neuralink on top, - we won't even need, to move a finger for scroll. Actually scroll option will be gone, since you will instantly upload whole page - right into head.

    We won't need to talk/write neither anymore. Takes too much time for others , to express their thoughts in a right way, be it spoken or written message. You will simply send them an imaginary concept.
    (they will see what you're imagining)

    Language spoken by words - will be gone.
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    right. we are simply too lazy to talk and listen.
    and to scroll / type / write
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    Noneless, listening is a superpower.
    (if done in the right way)

    If you can listen 80% of the time, 10% comment and then 10% give the right questions - it's fascinating how fast , you can gain peoples trust.
    You can have more influence by listening, than by speaking.

    Or... Someone might take you for a fool, because you're speaking so little, meanwhile, you get to know everything about em, while they have a completely wrong image about you.
    Those who would survive/make it big in mafia wars, they were great listeners.

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  8. schizo


    Don't even bother getting out of bed tomorrow. :fistbump: :D
  9. Nobert


    Ofcourse, why da hell one would do that.
    All of the job will done by A.I while we were sleeping.
    Waking up only to collect that UBI check :D
    (and quick run in few mins, to see that there wasn't any major mistakes done by the A.i)

    Then going back into da bed, with that cyborg girlfriend.
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    Or more likely, he is being sarcastic.
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