Appropriateness; music & children

Discussion in 'Politics' started by a_ooiioo_a hii, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. I'm not complaining about the Spice Girls. They aren't worse than lots of music. Their music is adult-themed, though. Why were they marketed to children?

    I think there's nothing wrong with children hearing love-songs. But there are love songs, and then there are sex songs. I'm really not sure that it's appropriate for children to be exposed to sex songs. Anymore than it's appropriate for them to be exposed to sexual films, or books, or magazines. In fact, songs are more influential I think than films, books, or magazines. Because a film or a book or a magazine you see it once and you're done with it, usually. But a song lives in your head your whole life.

    Children learning songs that say "I love you, I'll always love you, etc" is not harmful, it helps them develop notions of what love is, for later in their lives.

    But songs that say "Stay with me tonight I want to do you" are just asking for trouble if you feed them to young minds. What's the excuse?