applying to Chicago prop firms

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mp3bu, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Chicago Trading Company
    Geneva Trading
    Allston Trading
    Simplex Investments

    Have degree in Finance, MBA soon. I have a very strong interest in equity/index options. Hopefully I get some positive responses and pass their math tests/interviews. I've heard their first test can be something like this:
    Wish me luck and thanks in advance for any advice in this process.
  2. That's a great example of Optiver's exam but just imagine commas in place of decimals and colons in place ofthe division slash. 80 problems in 8 minutes, need 53 right to pass.

    I've taken 3 exams and all were very different.

    Tower Hill's was very mechanical and aptitude based.

    Allston's was super number cruncher IMO.

    My other interviews were all statistical related quant questions in person.
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    OK thanks, I've also applied to SIG and Tower Hill. I'm really not too worried about the quantitative tests. I'm actually curious when I should expect replies from these firms. In your experience, how long did it usually take for a firm to reply to your resume submition?