Applied Materials (AMAT)

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  1. These are the reasons why I feel this stock is undervalued:

    Reason 1:

    what Barron's said about AMAT

    Reason 2:

    $2.50 - $3.00 gain per share per up-curve

    Reason 3:

    On the current issue of Fortune Magazine, AMAT is rated as the second most admired semiconductor company in 2006

    Reason 4:

    AMAT could hit $30 this year

    Reason 5:

    There are lots of catalysts to push AMAT upward next week

    Reason 6:

    Morgan Stanley Semiconductor Conference next Tuesday =4687809&mid=254087

    Reason 7:

    AMAT's CEO upbeat =4687809&mid=254078

    Reason 8:

    Chip equipment makers' rising orders are seen: =4687809&mid=254043 =4687809&mid=254044

    Reason 9:

    Tech stocks inexpensive

    Reason 10:

    Stocks do better in month of March: =4687809&mid=253953

    Reason 11:

    Companies like SanDisk are buying equipments: =4687809&mid=253999


    The semi equipment companies are in the midst of an cycle upturn

    Demand for consumer ICs, NAND flash, and DRAM, particularly out of Asia, is driving growth.

    We continue to recommend investors have exposure to the semi equipment industry, favoring Applied Materials (AMAT), which are capitalizing on the cyclical upturn, not to mention semi equipment sector is a classic late-cycle industry.

    Semi equipment companies, like AMAT, are in the midst of an upturn cycle.

    AMAT is undervalued.


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  3. go hype this piece of shit some where else.