Apples new device has epic fail written all over it

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    Lets $4.99 for movies when they come out on DVD... My cable provider does that with On demand movies.

    99 cents to watch HD TV shows....My cable provider does that for free with on demand.

    Oh forgot to have to buy the box for $99.

    I suppose if you dont watch much TV and dont watch any news channels, or sports channels and you dont mind only a limited selection of TV shows (as not all TV programs will let apple run their shows on the boxes) then this might actually be a good deal for you!

    But for the average american, this is basically buying something that most cable providers already give you for free, or at the same price without buying a box.
  2. doesnt even record wat a pos
  3. If I can rent HBO and Showtime original shows for 99 cents a piece, I'll get one. There's some real kickass series from those outlets that I don't want to have to pay monthly for but would be happy to shell out a buck a piece for. But not much on broadcast TV that I even would watch for free.
  4. steve has it right, most users just want to watch hd movie/tv shows when they want without dealing with all the setup. With a small attractive size and $99 price point, this thing will sell very well unlike the old $299 apple tv.
  5. In 2006 approximately 95% of households had cable or satelite TV. That leave 5% of all households that are potential customers. (8 million households total) Out of the 8 million that even have TVs in that demographic, then maybe a small portion of those will get it. I would be very surprised if this thing sold more than 150k units.
  6. There are other countries outside the USA. :D

    International market. It will sell very, very well.

  7. P2P is the killer app. This thing doesn't even come close. Hollywood is so clueless.
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    I hear so many complaints from people about the issues they have with their iPhones and technical problems with their other apple products. I think apple will be overtaken by competitors as they become complacent.
  9. It is a classic example of a company trying to convert its market share / reputation in one area into another. Usually they fail so in that case the main issue is keeping cost of failure acceptable. Some succeed but not many ... like want to be traders.