Apple's leopard OS will be released......

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Sep 29, 2007.

Leopard will be;

  1. Released on time, october like they said

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  2. Maybe in time for christmas...coz its probably still buggy

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  3. Never, its just a ploy to irritate mac users, its their hobby

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  4. I dont care , im a pc geek

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  1. Soon?
  2. I voted option 2 BTW, i really want a mac mini:)

    Also pleased to see, im winning something for a change:D
  3. Shit, a 3 way tie.

  4. Considering the latest build of leopard on has 2 issues and one of them is a new "experimental" update procedure - meaning non consequential. Gold master is around the corner.
  5. It's octooooooooober........

    Gold master? what the?
  6. Rumor still stands for 10/27
  7. lol, i love how a major corp can rely on rumor for a huge release. Reading one of the apple boards, someone says something like
    ""its just a rumor, but apple rumors are very reliable", what!? have to admit, a "solid" leak is some damn cheap publicity.
  8. Ok, its out there, im guessing the respective uptake is better statistically than sure apple tanking was market related, rather than anything to do with leopard.