Apple's Fall

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  1. I seems like time.

    The new iPod has received a very cool reception, the iPhone is competing in a very crowded space, and with a weak economy, Apple's pricey offering in small electronics and computers are likely to fare worse than they did on comparative YoY bases.

    Oh, and then there are those pesky health rumors pertaining to Steve Jobs - doesn't help.
  2. I guess you don't understand the market. People will not hesitate to swipe their plastic to get the latest and coolest Apple products.

    I am not an Apple, I don't own any of their products. But I did learn, that good marketing can sell trash like hot cake.
  3. there is only one problem. The way the economy is going.. people aren't going to have the spare money to buy all these gadgets.

    This is an all out recession and the consumer is going to react accordingly!
  4. I guess you haven't heard that plastic swiping is very seriously on the wane, for the first time in our history, as consumer credit gets yanked in the wake of rising defaults.

    Not only that, but consumers are trading down to generics and lower priced substitutes en masse - just ask Walmart or Costco (or Starbucks or Cold Stone Creamery).

    Life sucks when a good chunk of your 401(k) has evaporated, the equity in your home is wiped out (you might owe more than the albatross is worth), and you're worried about your job (or laid off).

    Boone's Farm instead of Cristal. The ultimate trade down.
  5. AAPL can't hold it's own in this market meltdown, look for 120 in a matter of months if not sooner.
  6. Today it certainly seemed like a lot of the public decided to get in to AAPL before their announcement to try to profit on the revamped ipods. Then like clockwork the market sold the news after a bit to capture some good profits from the sheeple.

    Textbook, standard procedure.
  7. I, and some friends at the daily roundtable, wonder if Jobs is the only reason that Apple makes such terrible decisions. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't even have a cellphone at all but my understanding is that they locked in AT&T and only allow applications to be downloaded from Apple and will not allow the phones unlimited bandwidth to be piped into your laptop. Leo LaPorte says they could have most of the marketshare if they did not do that standard Apple thingy. According to Leo they engineered the popularity of the Blackberry when they made those decisions. We're just wondering if that all is from Jobs little brain.....
  8. True, but it sure is entertaining to hit Walmart to watch the local walruses wrestle their carts down the aisles. I never knew women could be so FAT until I visited a Walmart...
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    Im tired of hearing that some companies are immune to a slowing economy, I dont care how innovative Apple is when it comes to the coolest and greatest products, a slowing economy and high rate of credit card delinquencies will hurt any company that is on top of its game. Im so sick of recession proof investments, nooooo investment is recession proof.
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    AGREE. Im going to go even lower and say AAPL is headed back below $100.

    AAPL will see its sales slow due to the state of this economy.

    RIMM is another stock, that is headed to $75

    GOOG, going to $250-$300.

    There is no catalyst in tech, I really think we can see the big tech names, MSFT, CSCO, DELL, INTC ORCL possibility trade 25 to as much as 40% lower over the next 2-3 years.
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