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  1. Wow!... up 12.11 sense March 29/06

    I think it will see resistance around 74.00..

    or do you guys think apple will make a new 52wk high?

    - nate
  2. should smash earnings estimates and take off: fcast very conservative and expectations are not particulary high...and if it misses it could drop and make a huge run from da lows to take out highs before report, like it did last yr.
  3. So Bit, you're thinking it may go up, or it may go down? :p
  4. calculòn i thought i made me feelin's clear..after all u know full well am an incorrigible bull, don't u[?]
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    in my opinion, i think we are looking at a strong retracment with AAPL. I think its going to fill the gaps coming back down. The Nasd. is looking to pull back and it should out weigh AAPL. First stop down IMO is 67.3, basically I think this stock went up to hard to fast.

    BTW, as far as i know they have 0 revenue for their new windows application and it went up strictly on hype. once a profit is shown i think it could be a different story.
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    look for retest lows i think
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  8. analyst upgrades and re-its this week will push it to 75.

    run-up to earning, then guide higher then last quarter.

    it will be a rollarcoaster - great issue for swing traders.
  9. yessss...bring it on, am ready for da kill
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