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  1. imagine making a video like the megaupload video im sure many of you have seen, hire a few celebrities and make a catchy tune about how gay and uncool apple products are.. if it went viral that would be nuts apple stock would crater or they would buy you out for millions to silence you.

    spread the word make it happen, tell all your friends if they own apple products they are gay and hipster.
  2. What a stupid concept. 70% of AAPL is owned by institutions who only care about the bottom line.

    How cool was Microsoft in the 1980s ? I remember a lot of haters trying to derail them. What was their main product ? An operating system, not even a good one in the early days.

    You remind me of those days. AAPL today is the Microsoft of the 1980s. They didn't stop growing until year 2000. Then they dropped 50%. Still a massive company, almost everyone involved with it got rich from 1980-2000.

    So you hate success ... I mean .... Apple. Get over it.
  3. What if your friends are gay and hipster and hang on your every word?
    Bang, now they all own the new iPad12 and you are elevated to uber-tool status...
  4. the only gay thing is to have status based on owning a useless gadget
  5. Go AAPL! It will go to $1000 before collapsing.

  6. The market just added about $20 Billion to AAPL's market cap today. That's 1/2 of what GM is worth, or 3x RIMM.
  7. Apples gayness is old news.

    Where ya been?

    Most of the apps I've sampled on the ipod touch I found on the ground, are especially designed , for that crowd.