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  1. Given the launch of Iphones in China, what would be a reasonable level for AAPL stock to reach above $200?


    Apple to launch Verizon iPhone in Q3 2010 - AppleInsider (194.34 ) : AppleInsider reports a new report citing sources in the Taiwan handset supply chain says Apple has contracted to produce a UMTS/CDMA hybrid iPhone due in the third quarter of next year that will enable the company to sell a single global handset to all carriers, and specifically to Verizon Wireless in the US. The report by OTR Global, provided to AppleInsider by an industry analyst, says the new "worldmode" iPhone will gain compatibility with CDMA2000 networks (including Verizon's (VZ, VOD) US network, which is currently incompatible with existing iPhone models) while retaining compatibility with UMTS 3G networks globally using a new hybrid chip produced by Qualcomm. According to OTR's sources, Asustek subsidiary Pegatron will build the new hybrid phone devices for Apple rather than Hon Hai, the iPhone's current manufacturer. This decision was reportedly made to prevent the company from being "constrained by a single-source assembler."
  2. GOOG brpke to new ytd high. AAPL will try to do that too.
    Look at the performance of my favorite stock PCLN today, so nice.
  3. New Droid phone may put a damper on apple's sales.

    New among competitive concerns for the company has been the reemergence of Motorola (MOT) into the handset space. The company made a favorable impression with its recent launch of the Motorola Droid, which runs the latest Google software, Android 2.0. The phone boasts compelling new features including free turn-by-turn navigation, which bests that of iPhone which charges $99 for its nav app. Droid is just the first of many smartphones -- across multiple carriers and manufacturers -- set to run on the Android 2.0 platform. The mass of Android phones set to hit the market are anticipated to pose a collective threat in the marketplace to incumbents Nokia (NOK), Apple (AAPL) and RIMM.