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  1. What time do they release earnings?
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  2. Yeah that number wasn't leaked. What a scam!!:)
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  3. How many times me have to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AAPL going to THE MOON!!!!!

    Yeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwww AAPL
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  4. Apple Profits surge 67%}&siteid=yhoof

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Apple Inc. on Monday said that sales of more than 2 million Macintosh PCs, along with strong performances from its iPod and iPhone products, helped the consumer electronics company report a 67% increase in fourth-quarter earnings.

    Apple reported a fourth-quarter profit of $904 million, or $1.01 a share, on revenue of $6.22 billion. During the same period a year ago, Apple earned $546 million, or 62 cents a share, on $4.84 billion in sales.

    Apple's results topped the estimates of analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial, who forecast the company to earn 86 cents a share on revenue of $6.07 billion.
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  5. akeyla


    These are great numbers all around except for Ipod sales. For once they guided higher than the street for the next quarter instead of low balling.
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  6. how can apple have bad earnings when their macs are making huge strides?
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  7. Actually your post makes perfect sense. You could have taken at least 2 bucks out of AAPL in the pre earnings. The earnings thing is mostly gambling but that is the fun of it.
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