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  1. DuyLe


    how far do u guys think this stock will go?
    when should i sell my short term position?
  2. jbride12


    I'm a long term holder, so I'm not that worried about earnings not being good enough for the street. but for you position, i'd consider bailing at 3:30pm today. get all you can out of the market mini rally, and protect yourself from bad earnings. this thing could drop 10-15 points if they miss earnings. remember when it dropped 15 points in three minutes a few weeks back on concerns of BIDU earnings? you don't want your short term position caught up in that!

    you're a dollar away from the 52 week high. play it safe if you can't afford to be wrong
  3. S2007S


    AAPL should move between 8 to as much as 20 bucks afterhours...

    going to get volatile.
  4. jbride12


    up or down?
  5. bluud


    actually way more than that ..
  6. DuyLe


    all of the forecast so far seems to be positive, assuming the reports come out as expected, how long do u think the rally would last?
  7. I was thinking about jumping in afterhours after earnings.
  8. DuyLe


    im sure the information is already out there. look at how much this stock is already moving. i doubt this many people are speculating on high earnings. buy the rumor, sell the news...
  9. rickf


    Aside from buying/selling the actual stock, anyone ever thought about using the NQ futures contract as a proxy for firms like AAPL, GOOG, that can move the index as a way to trade the news after-hours/overnight/pre-market?
  10. Are there any premium-sellers doing anything in the 170/175 strangle?
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