Apple Won't Exhibit At Macworld Expo After 2009

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by stock777, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. like saying the Pope won't be visiting the Vatican

    Mac is doomed


    U sure u ain't talking about Adobe?

    MAC ain't doomed, it rocksssss!
  3. macs ok for phokes scared of real computers
  4. this thread is worthless. mod plz delete
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    I think you mean Adobe
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    Your claims regarding the value of anything are dubious.
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  8. Apple doesn't own the Macworld Expo, people.

    They are pulling out so that they can exert more control over their branding.
  9. So it's called macworld yet apple does not own it? That makes no sense.

    Macworld was a disaster last year though. All the bogus health rumors and relentless speculation. Good move to kill it off.
  10. Kids and young adults do not go to TRADE SHOWS. Instead, they frequent the 250 Apple Stores that are now available. That is why Apple no longer needs to participate in MacWorld.
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