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  1. Apple is doomed
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    I hope that was Photoshopped, meaning all the students with apple computers.

    Its because of that reason I have now switched from the iphone to an android device. I think the kid with the acer computer is the coolest kid in the room....

    That student is the one who is "thinking different".
  3. Ok.
  4. 447
  5. Holy shit...all I can say.

    I am only 23, graduated from a university 2 and a half years ago and I have to say that picture is the EXACT reason I never brought a lap top to class. Ill bet the us debt that 80% of those lap tops are on Facebook or some other worthless social media site. I never had to take notes in class. I memorized everything on the spot and was able to formulate arguments and challenges quickly. Those lap tops are the reason that all students are just drones now
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    Apple now up over $30 in less than a week...

    I guess its all about the new ipad3 hype....

    wonder what they could have possibly done this time to make people want to go and buy it.


    faster processor

    better camera

    better screen...

    wow I think its time to upgrade and spend another $700 on a new ipad because the one I just bought less than 4 months ago is already out dated....people are such fools to believe the hype on buying every new apple product they put out.
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    Apple is having its day just like every stock has, just think back of how many companies were on top, that so many thought they would continue to succeed and continuously out shine forever and today are totally forgotten about...there are hundreds and hundreds of companies that have been on top of their game only to lose it.....

    Remember when anayslys thought cisco was going to be the first trillion dollar company in the world hahahah

    remember when aol could do no wrong....growing their subscriber base to tens of millions of no one knows what AOL is....hahah

    remember netflix trading above $300, stock down over 50% in a few months due to change in their pricing structure

    Remember rimm and how everyone was buying up those blackberries like they were going out of style, stock now down over 75% from its highs.

    remember crox, everyone thought the hot trend was here to stay for the next decade or 3

    how about taser

    remember in 1999 when analyst Walter Piecyk at PaineWebber put a $1000 price target on QCOM!!! hahahaha

    What im trying to say is that every stock usually has its time to shine and right now apple is doing that, can it continue this crazy growth, it probably can for the time being, but everything changes over time. Just because they sold over 30 million iphones in one quarter doesnt guarantee that they will continue to sell 100 million iphones a year, competition is getting very fierce especially from the likes of samsung, there is always new competition in this world of change and today it can happen very quickly. As fast as apple has grown over these past few years means they have to continue and grow this fast quarter over quarter... Each time they out do themselves it just makes it that much harder to continue that 2011 apple sold 72 million iphones, to keep this pace up apple and have at least 50% growth yoy apple will now have to sell 108 million iphones in 2012 or 27 million a quarter, as time progresses that growth eventually does fall because of market saturation and competition. Apple should continue to outperform today, but do not think for a second that this can last forever.
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    Ipad 3 should push apple to $615

    Iphone 5 is probably good for another so $750 by summer

    Apple TV should push it to $825

    Holiday sales for 2012 should push apple to $1000 by Dec 2012.

    yep just keep buying the stock, no risk, only reward which means mortgage the house, max out credit cards and just buy apple, it has to go to a $1000 by the end of 2012 because it just will, right?

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    They are looking to push apple above $500, thats where the next big push is going to come from, once they clear that hurdle it should take off another 5-10% but the next sell off in apple is going to quite a head turner.
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    Apple up nearly 3.5% and the nasdaq is barely moving higher, a day like today with apple up that much the nasdaq should be skyrocketing. Apple makes up 12% of the ndx 100 and thats down from 20%.
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