Apple to $1000 by 2015!!!

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    Feels like 1999 all over again. Remember that analyst throwing out the $1000 price target for QCOM!!!!!

    Cody Willard explains why AAPL is going to $1000 by 2015.

    September 13, 2010, 6:09 PM EDT

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    How Apple could get to $1500 by 2015

    So here’s my app thought of the morning - what if Apple were to decide to let all its exclusive carrier agreements for the iPhone expire and just start focusing on marketshare? Can you imagine if Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile were to start competing for customers against each other with the iPhone? I wonder how long it’d be before we’d would see Verizon offering the latest iPhone for say, $99 plus a free second iPhone?

    Can you imagine what would happen to Apple’s marketshare if the second-to-the-latest iPhone were offered even at pre-pay virtual network operators like 7-11 and Circle K and so on so that even those folks looking for a free, pre-paid, no-commitment plan could walk out of their bodega with an iPhone for $49? $29? Models at least two generations old could be free?

    The downside of course, is that taking a marketshare-at-almost-any-cost approach at Apple would hurt earnings estimates for the next couple years and the stock would likely struggle for that time period. But could you imagine the margin leverage that Apple would enjoy in just two brief years from now when their marketshare would very likely be north of 30% for the entire billion-plus unit global cell phone market? 300 million iPhones sold in 2015? Half a billion iPhones in use by 2015?

    Can you imagine the power that Apple would have with that kind of marketshare and having nearly half the prosperous world’s population locked into the Apple system?

    Assuming Apple’s much more likely scenario of continuing its current policy of taking big money payments to give exclusive rights and still take the market share its going to take, I figure Apple’s a $1000 stock by 2015 anyway. But if they were to go crazy for marketshare and even risk positive cash flows and even dig into some of that $40 billion checking account balance they’ve got, I think the stock might still be at $300 in 2013…on its way to $1500 by 2015. Seriously, I figure selling 300 million iPhones would do that to the stock, even if it were a riskier, scarier, more volatile and slower-to-pay-off strategy.

    It underscores the entire premise of this well-put comment from a reader on over the weekend: “It doesn’t matter that Android isn’t the best until iPhone can get on other carriers in the US. Windows wasn’t the best either and look at that.”

    Anyway, the upshot is that you gotta stick with Apple the stock here because the company will win either way.

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    "And Bernard Beruke had his shoes shined every morning. One day, the shoe shine boy gave him a stock tip. Beruke called his broker and said sell me out."

    He avoided the crash...