Apple tablet hype

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ChkitOut, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. How is this going to change the world like the media is claiming?

    I don't get it ,whats the big deal. Aren't there already a shit load of tablets out there.??
  2. No big deal = mega hype...

    If a product is really great you don't need to create the hype...
  3. They all suck.

    The hope is that Apple finally gives the world a real, usable eBook.

    We'll find out in about 20 minutes....
  4. i bet the tablet will cost an arm and a leg
  5. i heard around 800.00 is likely. but thats speculation..
  6. i hope the tablet will help P/E 33
  7. Sell the news....
  8. Too late. The "news" was out weeks ago.
  9. Yes, but Joe SixPack will buy Apple Stock on the formal announcement. I'll be waiting on the short side to transfer his money directly to my account.
  10. Sure you will.
    #10     Jan 27, 2010