Apple "special event" today!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. S2007S


    Uh oh what can they possibly bring to the market today, some new updated ipods, a new ipod touch with dual cameras and more memory :eek:

    Maybe a new ipad that can mulitask :eek:

    Maybe a new white iphone 4 :eek:

    Something to push the sales of apple TV :eek:

    I hope apple doesn't let down their fans......
  2. I know why I never buy apple.

    Jobs makes me sick
  3. jonp


    what a useless event, some guy on cnbc today put a one year target of $345. bs. I think apple still has some way down to go. jobs is a nut job. the type of stores they have set up here in downtown montreal and around make me wonder how can these guys be turning a profit. huge location, filled with about 40 "geniuses" most of them not even salespeople just attendees who give free seminars and support. they're getting too fancy with their 40 foot high glass cylinder building in china and restored ancient building in europe. wtf, i just don't get how this type of business is so successful, it's not like how business was done in the old days.
  4. try to use an apple product first. I had the same disdain for apple as overpriced ripoff.

    Then got the iphone, and that changed everything, websites actually work, emails are easy to check, all the apps you can download was amazing, i can check my stocks and do trades. Compared to the piece of shit windows mobile it was light years ahead. Basically all the functions work, easily.

    Then decided to do some iphone development and needed a new laptop, so got a mac book pro, that changed everything AGAIN. It may not look like much for people who never used an apple product, but once you do for a while you realize why they are so successful, it's not just the cool looks but functionality and the human interface aspect they got it down to a science. Like the touchpad on macbook pro, or when you boot up for the first time, everything just works!

    Now i have a iphone, a mac mini hooked to my tv, the macbook pro as laptop, ipad. Only reason my desktop is not an apple is their graphic card isnt powerful enough for the latest pc games.