Apple-Signs of a bear market coming

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  1. This is a clear sign of a reversal coming and soon. Great conference call, bang it out of the park earnings and sell-off in afterhours.

    If any company from here has a negative call, then it will be just like last summer with waterfall selloffs galore. Apple got very lucky.

    20% downside in the market from here, no upside.
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    A bigger problem with tech tomorrow might be semi's, check out LRCX down 4 after hours
  3. And tech was supposed to be the saving grace of the markets this year.

    Rackable, Symantec, Intel, AMD....
  4. i agree looks like they're trying to ring the top's in bell. it can't get any better than the last 4 years just like 2000. if your recall they sold huge in 2000 as things were great just like now. outside apple not seeing alot of huge upside earnings. hey when you've had filet like the market has for 4 years you sicken of it.
  5. Cramer is now stating to check out of all tech stocks. "Hang the phone up on RIMM, permanently."
  6. funny thing was I really expected INTC (esp) to be a bigger drag on the market. Perhaps because its ops exp week market was doing funny things. SPX is cap weighted and intc is a pretty BIG cap stock.
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    J.P. Morgan just downgraded AAPL.

    "the company's first-quarter earnings whizzed past expectations, Mac shipments of 1.6 million units missed its forecast of 1.9 million units. In addition, the broker warned that as the company enters the seasonally weaker period of the year, shipments of iPod digital music players may disappoint investors' heightened expectations. "We believe this risk is particularly pronounced given our concerns that some consumers may delay iPod purchases ahead of the iPhone launch,"
  8. I think AAPL is holding up relatively well. Let's see how it trades after the anal-ysts throw everything including the kitchen sink at it... :D
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    Whoever is short the huge put volume at 95 and 100 will have their hands full keeping AAPL beneath 95 till tomorrow.
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    DING DING DING....We have a winner...once everyone's in the boat and the salesman is still selling tickets the boat's gonna sink!
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