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  1. curious why no one is asking about a stock split. any opinions?
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    Everyone is more concerned with issues on the news. Jobs health, subscription services, etc..
  3. Who cares about stock split? Do you feel richer by having 2 x $5 bills vs 1 x $10 bill in your wallet?
  4. It's not about feeling richer, that's an obviously uneducated response. Did you copy and paste that directly from buffet?
    A stock split makes sense for a few reasons, it will allow a broader shareholder audience instead of just institutional ownership and guys like you holding 100 shares for the next 20 years. It would add liquidity and even out the flow away from all the HFTs. Not to mention the enthusiastic buying that would happen at those levels because it would make more sense to the investing public Psychologically to buy apple at 35 instead of 350 and everyone knows that would happen so it's doubtful there would be much dilution. It would also pave way for apple to be listed as a component considering it's market cap. It was an obvious and successful move when Buffet did it to his B shares and there was a 30% move in the stock in less than 3 months, much stronger than ever before so yes I would feel better because of the obvious buying that would occur.
    I think people should concentrate less on Job's health considering he isn't obviously going to be there forever. Apple is a cult that none of us are in. Most of the public doesn't known what goes on behind closed doors, who's actually responsible for what and so forth. I wish him a speedy recovery and I hope he shows up at the march 2nd event doing jumping jacks but i don't think that any one man is solely responsible for so much in a vast company like apple. So educate yourself instead of the usual non-witty remarks that are so often pollutting the forum.
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    "It would add liquidity"

    LOL. 15 million shares traded a day, penny spreads. You think Apple needs more liquidity?

    And the pikers who need a lower price so they can buy 10 @ 35 and then sell half at a later day, are not the people who are going to move the stock price. Doh.

    Get out of here clown. It's not worth splitting until the stock gets north of 5-10k or so.
  6. You obviously know nothing. Stop trolling the board. Do something productive. Your time is better spent trading so you can zero out. Let the adults do the actual talking.