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  1. Last time the market lost around 150 aapl acually picked up about .2 percent. This was about a week ago. Well same thing happend yesterday, loosing day of around 130, apple makes a little. Well the next day after both these occurences aapl lost big time the day after even with the dow sap and nas making a nice gain. Anyone else notice this?
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  3. What did the pot say to the kettle? :p
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  5. don't look for patterns that are not there.
  6. You heard it here first Horny Clutch, from me, the genius and GOOG slayer. <b>Apple will be over $130.00 within 30 days !</b>


    I think it ought to re-test daily support (107-110) first due to a divergence.
  8. I was looking at this stock the past couple of days and it keeps going down, no matter what the market does. And this is right before the iPhone, what gives?


    charts explain enough, but IMO iPhone is not to be compared to iPod. iPod will go down in history, iPhone won't.
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