Apple seeks antenna engineers after 'Death Grip' debacle, 10+ yrs exp & thick skin

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  1. The three new positions are far from entry-level. Each position requires "10+ years of experience in RF with at least 5 years in antenna design and test for wireless consumer products." A Master of Science in Electrical Engineering is required, although a PhD is preferred.

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    Hey Steve, do this:

    1) Make a pole model (mount the phone on a tall stick in a anechoic chamber with the phone rigged to radiate CW at the freqs of interest).

    2) Build a moveable rig that can position in varying azimuth angles at fixed elevation angles, mount a calibrated recieve horn on the moveable rig.

    3) Radiate CW from the handset and collect 3D receive effective isotropic radiated power measurements at 300-400 azimuth angles at fixed elevation cuts.

    4) Validate the setup and measurements so you feel sure you are getting a good data set.

    5) Hire a Matlab expert and meshgrid the data into a nice 3D surface model of the resultant pattern. Make sure the data is repeatable. Save as baseline. Locate any severe nulls.

    6) Now use this model to make small tuning changes to the matching network that connects the case-antenna to the transceiver. I would look here first before tweeking the case design as that would obviously be a last resort.

    7) Take subsequent pole-model measurements and tweak until you get the most isotropic pattern possible. Its a tradeoff between a nice smooth pattern and directivity (gain over isotropic). If you must alter the case design approach it very incrementally.

    Voila! :D

    I would be happy to come over and fix this problem for, say, one tenth of one percent of total profits. PM me.
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    right, and as your #6 is the only point that really matters(and coincidentally the most vaguely described) your advice is really not worth anything to Jobs. :)
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    I routinely perform every task on that list on space and terrestrial systems carrying information rather more important than cellular traffic.

  5. Your premise is flawed in that you believe that anything may be more important than the day-to-day operations of 13-year olds discussing middle school politics and Twilight.
  6. They can always coat the rim with transparent non-conductive material.

    Or manufacture Apple Tweezers so you can hold the phone while making a call... :D