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    Everyone knows Apple likes to give the most conservative estimates and of course they are doing so again, $5.35 is the estimate with Revenue at around $23.27 Billion, now keep in mind last earnings apple did $6.43 EPS with $26.74 Billion in Revenue which was the highest on Record for Apple.
    So to think they will not crush these estimates is foolish.....

    Apple will easily come in with a $6.00+ EPS and REV topping $25.5Billion+

    Some Estimates for tonight's earnings:

    Iphone sales: 16.5 million

    Ipad sales: On the low side, Brian White at Ticonderoga Securites figures Apple sold just 5.1 million of the slim tablet computers. On the high end, Andy Perkins at Societe Generale figures Steve Jobs & Co moved 9.8 million units.

    Mac Units 3 million

    Ipods 9.35 million
  2. soon to pay the piper

    "You get a lot of these Apple owners who say they are much more secure and they don't need anti-virus. It's a load of junk. All the vulnerabilities are there, but the only reason the viruses aren't there is because they aren't exploited due to the lack of market share.""
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    Estimates dont matter, Momentum in EPS/ Revenue _+ the Outlook (market Saturation etc.)
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    think its worth a cheap shot to by a few weekly puts
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    I heard a stat on NPR two months ago, that 5% of american's own an Ipad. Way more than 1:20 of the people I know own an ipad. There's a huge population segment (that's not my demographic) that doesn't own an Ipad.
  6. I dont care if this goes to 1000, the appl bulls are a seriously gay crowd.

    every time it down ticks .0001 % they ask "why is it selling?"

    now I know why they are so successful selling overpriced wares.

    same crew that buys Lady Gaga albums
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    Im proud to say I am not one of those....

    Only apple product I have ever owned is an Iphone 3g thats close to 3 years old, if apple depended on consumers like myself the company would be lucky to have a $100 Billion market Cap!!!!!
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    But they don't care about you. I also read somewhere that Apple consumers exhibit the same brain patterns as cult members.
  9. never bought an apple product in my life, and sold the one I got as a premium.
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