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  1. Apple's is havings it's world wide developers conference on monday...they might even announce the new iphone. 3g of course. I think apple will hit new highs pretty soon. They are only going to grow and grow and are miles ahead of any competitors. iphones are everywhere, so are ipod touches. They are GIVING away touches now (you get a free one with mac purchase) i think bc the new versions of the iphone and touch are coming out. Def my fave company and stock.
  2. Yeap. Apple's fanbot will line up to buy the 3G iPhone everyone.

    6 to 8 months from now, you will get another new upgrade to the iPhone. Vibrate screen when key is press to stimulate real keyboard. Although this feature is available for some phones in Asian, it will be another innovation by Apple for America.

    But, as stock go, I don't think it will make new high. The 3G iPhone is already priced in. Unless it release some killer sales number, the stock will goes nowhere except south.
  3. Apple keeps releasing new stuff. Great company

  4. For sure. Its ridiculous. I can push a button, iphone zooms in my exact location, search and find a thai restaurant and then tell me how to get there and tell me traffic conditions etc. Shit I can be in the mall and get a satellite image with street names overlaid of downtown Tokyo. I can watch a movie, listen to music check my email, post on ET. Take a picture, email it, play "tap tap revolution", chat on AIM. I think apple is going to be an even more insane growth story. They also applied for a patent involving some kind of solar powered

    Just read that and realize how much features iPhone lack. There will be plenty of room to improve. Just like the iPod, 1 improve feature every few months. Fanbots will line up for every single one of them.

    From G3 iPhone to release of iPhone, the stock went from $10 to $120 in 4 years. If iPhone will does the same magic as iPod, it will be $120 x 12 = $1440 by 2012, a market cap of 1300B or 1.3 Trillions. Biggest company of the world.

    But, I just don't buy into it. I just don't believe people can be that stupid for that long.
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    Yup.. apple all the way.

  7. Good read. That article makes some good points, and some stupid ones. As far as fanbots go you MAY be able to successfully argue that Macs arent worth the premium you pay. Thats all based on personal preference etc. However Ipods dominate the mp3 market for good reason, and im sure no one here will refute that. The iphone is, like the ipod, light years ahead of any other phone. RIM included. I dont say this bc im an apple fanboy, im saying this out of experience. I've owned blackberries. They simply don't compare. Not because iphones are cooler or more trendy, they are simply insanely useful. I was leery of the iphone, but decided to splurge on it when it first came out, and yes friends did make fun of me b/c of what i paid for a simple phone. However they have all been converted along with me simply out of pure usefulness. Every time I go out I somehow ened up "saving the day" with my ridiculous gadget. I'm always finding out how to get somewhere, or looking up a restaurant, or checking the weather etc. Its sounds stupid, but as a former skeptic I can honestly say...I would not like to go a day without it. I understand people's skepticism, but it simply means to me that they don't own one. As far as price goes, if i had to, after owning it, i would lay down a G for this thing no problem. As it is now the price is what? 400? scratch all the other features, its well worth the money just considering its a phone, Ipod, and GPS. Those 3 things alone to me more than justify $400. Not to mention internet, camera, games etc. My point is this as far as the iphone goes, unlike maybe the mac, its simply far better than anything else out there...just like the ipod and more and more people are realizing that.
  8. All the "cool" things you listed you can do with your iPhone, I can do it with my Mogul.

    Anyway, The comparison between BB and iPhone just plain wrong. BB is a productive device while iPhone is a toy.


  9. i have the vibrate touch, on my LG phone. so thats not a new feature
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