Apple Magic mouse, SWEET for trading

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  1. 1) Any mouse , trackball, tablet can easily be programmed to respond to gestures. Dont need an overpriced Crapple product for that.

    2) No one trades using a Mac.

    3) You want a gesture to determine whether to but or sell? Ever sneeze?
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    #2 is a totally baseless statement.

    I trade using a Mac running stuff either in Windows via VMWare (ie NT) or natively through TOS Desktop. 90% of my time I am not in the Windows element at all, if you must know.

    Works just fine for me and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  3. Wrong rick.

    All that means is that stock has classified you as "no one."

    So you know your place, right?

    Note to stock: perhaps "no sane person" would be more appropriate? Or "no real trader."
  4. Interesting. I sincerely hope they can make money from this.
  5. rickf


    I meant to say I've been trading on a Mac for 2 years and have used a Mac in my personal life for over 12 years.

    That said, I do not use an Apple Mouse so the negative comments about that particular device may indeed be accurate. I've not seen/used it yet so I can't comment on it.

    - No One. :)
  6. 1) If you had taken a few seconds or maybe minutes to follow the link and read what the Magic Mouse is about, you would have seen that this is not just a normal mouse which is "programmed to respond to gestures". Instead, it is a mouse with kind of a touchpad on the upper side.

    2) I do, as well as others. I also own a windows machine. However, I clearly prefer OS X for anything mission-critical - like trading.

    3) Applies to a normal mouse, touchpad or keyboard as well.
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    If you have a magic mouse then go take a look at BetterTouchTool
  9. All my trades are executed on a Mac charting and analysis is done on Windows and Linux. I am not aware of any issues that would affect execution of trades on a Mac.
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