Apple Mac Sales Surging

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  1. Phone fever may have obscured the robust growth in Apple's Macs.

    People familiar with the company say Apple is selling computers at a blockbuster pace. The Cupertino, Calif., company is expected to sell 2.35 million iMacs and MacBooks this quarter, has learned.

    A sales number that high would beat analysts' estimates by nearly 400,000 units. Pegging the average Mac sales price at a conservative $1,500, a beat of that magnitude stands to boost Apple's top line by about $600 million. Analysts expect the company to post fiscal first-quarter revenue of $5.94 billion

    I think one might accumulate more Apple shares !... :D
  2. Some more good news about AAPL =>

    Apple Doubles Down on iPhone

    The Cupertino, Calif., tech shop has now prepared plans to nearly double its iPhone production in the fourth quarter, say people familiar with the company. The plan calls for the manufacture of 2.7 million iPhones next quarter, up from the 1.54 million originally targeted, these people say.
  3. I sincerely hope that AAPL soars.

    Will be an awesome short if things head south in the US.
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    Slam Dunk LOL :).

    Windows is laughable at best. And only use because trading platform wont support MAC YET.
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    Windows is for business with IT support, same as Unix was years ago... The MAC is for the consumer and artist. If prices would fall on the MAC they might take some huge marketshare actually. Leo LaPorte is advocating that people just abandon Windows. Personally I am hopeful that Apple will be able to bring prices down and stop being the "elitist computer choice". After I get the business side of life settled down a little more I'm dropping windows for personal use like a bad habit, I can't stand it. Maybe as consumers become more aware of the Windows/MAC choice they will be grabbing MACs but personally, I believe the price has to come down to near the level of the Vista machines at Best Buy before consumers will "get it".