Apple Jay Z and Beyonce From Record Label

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    This could be very interesting.

    Jay-Z is a popular rapper and current president and CEO of Def Jam -- a record label owned by Universal Music.

    At the time, Jay-Z was reportedly shopping this new "super label" around with the major record labels "and to Apple - who [was] very interested in doing business".

    Now, is claiming that "an inside industry source" says that its a done deal.

    [Jay-Z and Beyonce] will move to Apple to run a new music division. It sounds rather incredible: [Jay-Z's] already got a pretty good job, running Def Jam, and [Steve] Jobs may be too smart to get into the tanking recording business (as others have said). Of course, if it is true, my guess is this would be a new, revamped record biz, one based on digital distribution, not boring old physical products.

    Coincidentally, Universal Music recently let their long term contract lapse with Apple for iTunes music distribution and have gone on a short term "at will" distribution deal.

    The reliability of these sites is unknown, but published for interest as well as due to the existance of a historical rumor trail.

    Readers should remember that Apple and Apple Corps previously settled giving Apple, Inc. ownership of all trademarks related to "Apple", which would pave the way for Apple to pursue this sort of deal.
  2. It might sound incredible to the author, but not to a businessman. One word - synergy. This kind of deal would involve much more than the 'tanking record business' or even the digital distribution of music; Jobs has been forced to acknowledge that DRM isn't working out as it should. Aren't iTunes downloads going to be lock-free soon?
  3. iTunes went lock free aka (DRM Free) since the last release of iTunes which was about a week before the iPhone was released.
  4. Jobbs will be making a big mistake if he does this..
  5. Other than pissing off the current music / recording industry how so?
  6. Man, I tell ya... this has been a dream of mine for a long time. Jay-Z and Apple forming a record label!!

    Are you people brain-dead?
  7. Maybe I just don't get your sarcasm other than you being a oppressor of rap music do you have any valid claims on why exactly a move like this will be a disaster?

    Apple is basically in a tight situation right now with the record industry, the record industry is basically in turmoil right now apple has major distribution channels If Jayz and Beyonce can attract many super starts to this new label this could be the rude awakening that will finally remove the tight grip that the record industry has today on music distribution
  8. I own a record label. I produce music. Of course Jay Z out sells me, however, Itunes is no longer the leader in digital sales.

    I produce Electronic Dance Music, (one of the many things I do.) In 2003 I signed with my distribution team out of San Francsico. Itunes was number one for my sales that year. Now, Itunes has droped down to number 4.

    I sell more on a UK based version, and a company called BEATPORT. I sell my music for .99 cents on itunes still but 1.49 to 2.40 on the other three sites. I yield more sells on DJDOWNLOAD and BEAPORT than Itunes, even with their 99cent model.

    However, the Itunes player and the new Iphone are assets. My music sold heavy with the new Iphone. (My sales are tracked via every download sale. Iphone has a special electronic signature attached to downloads.)

    Apple is a solid company for producers, we buy all Apple Hardware for our studios. I wouldn't use any other for creating music.

    However, MYSPACE beat Jay-z and Apple to the "label" game. And the Major's are in serious trouble as "Gold Teeth" hoodrats, with their ICE are falling away as a fad. Soon, you will see some heavy mergers in the industry leaving one or two Majors.
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