Apple is rewarding their loyal customers

Discussion in 'Economics' started by loza, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. loza

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    by reducing the price of the iPhone immediately after millions were sucked into buying that expensive toy!
    TO be fair, beside apple we must talk of the rich & stupid sheep who bought the stupid iPhone first place. They should be called what they are; dumb, rich, sheep! Now they are whining!
    Apple 1 , Dumb Sheep 0
  2. LOL. So what are you really trying to say?
  3. iphones are ugly, i got my self a sony ericsson w580i.
  4. loza

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    The stupidity of the US consumer is frightening and at the same time amusing.
  5. Anyone who buys any technology, knows that 6 months from now, the product will be better and cheaper, it's a never ending cycle! Geez.....where have you been, prison or something?
  6. Apple can send each of the "offended" users a $10-off coupon for future purchases.
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    6 months is not 2! I mean the speed of this is amazing and makes one dizzy!
  8. What about the poor sucker who paid $2,000 for one on eBay?....
  9. If he keeps it for 100 years or so, He'll do ok!
  10. MattF


    hope he gets a lot of use out of that!
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