Apple Is Now Bigger Than The Entire US Retail Sector

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  1. AAPL trading at 16 times earnings. do you think this has to go down, or, actual earnings decline in the future?
  2. apple only has a couple of hot products. margins on those products will deteriorate as they age and the market gets saturated.
  3. yeah, that seems to be the case with apple up to this point...
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    No queue for new ipad in regents street, London 5 hours after opening. Stock already declining.
  5. It was trading at 12x only a month ago.
  6. AAPL is a proxy for the SSE and domestic corp sales (iPad). AAPL won't see a major correction as long as both drivers are in place.
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    I don't have a dog in this hunt. All I know for sure is that I don't have the cojones to sell naked calls on AAPL.
  8. either apple is overvalued, or everything else is undervalued.
  9. How BIG is APPLE?

    The country of Greece has been in the international spotlight in recent years for its overwhelming debt load and potential for default that could rock international financial markets. Austerity measures in the country and international pressures for financial reform have sparked widespread riots and strikes as the country tackles its debt problems. Greece’s debt is estimated at approximately €350 billion, or $462 billion — just under the total market value of Apple.
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