APPLe is due for a big run

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  1. Apple after pushed down from a rally.. its ddue for its earning run...

    It touch down 180 soon
  2. All the good news is priced in. Google's GPHONE is going to cause stock problems for AAPL. I would take profits.

  3. Right. because it hasnt had one.
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    A big run,


    its only up over 100% in the last year.

    foolish talk.

    :p :p :p :p
  5. The "gPhone" is just software that will run on other provider's phones.

    This whole "gPhone" rumor reminds me of high-school.....
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    krazy karl is right, Gphone is not going to be an actual phone, the analyst who hyped up the gphone a few weeks ago should have done some more research before mentioning what he said.
  7. Gphone is Internet phone that is free to call real phone. Like a IP phone something like that.

    iPhone has redefined the human hand movement, 100M iPod users will switch to iPhone eventually.
  8. iphone is just a tech toy... not that great of a practical phone. I crack up when I watch people using them... they have to wipe their screen every 20 seconds because it gets so smeary.

    Apple is good at making fashion products... but their technology isn't anything special. You can't replace the iphone battery, it's camera is inferior and can't record videos, you can only use at&t, no real keyboard etc. And then there's the sticker shock.

    It's all marketing, hype, fads, and fashion as opposed to a superior product. Heck even the Microsoft Zune has wireless connectivity and you can throw mp3s on it and not worry about a proprietary database.
  9. I guess trading down to 159 last thursday and running to 172 today doesn't really count as a run.

  10. Congrats on reaching your 1 month anniversary of trading! Yay!
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