Apple is a Religion says Anthropologist

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by marketsurfer, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. nitrene


    Apple is a cultural Bubble for sure. I don't know when it will end but when it does the NBA market will come crashing down.

    NBA == Nothing But Apple market
  2. Eddie Z

    Eddie Z

    Very funny indeed! It is interesting how media and maketing brain wash people to make them believe whatever they want.
    Apple has been really good at marketing their products but it is definetely a bubble from the investing point of view.

    Thanks for sharing!:D
  3. Isn't it more precise to say that Apple is a "cult" and not a "religion"? :confused: :eek: :p :D :cool:

  4. Apple, the greatest adult toy company ever in history. Its products are so cool, the coolest toys; you can listen to music on it, play games on it, jerk off on it; what's more, these toys can boost your IQ, can house you, cloth you, and feed you and your family; they can also help solve our national ills; I heard that somebody even sold his kidney in order to pay for one of these wondrous toys. I love these iPhone, iEat, iShit, iFuck toys :)
  5. if you know something about technology, then you know apple is complete shit...