Apple IPhone - Would you buy it?

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Would you buy the Apple Iphone?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. This post and poll is designed to test the sentiment that people have towards this device. Obviously, this device will be the future for many companies and it will go way beyond Apple. There will be the chip companies and others who will produce parts for the Iphone, etc.

    The majority of people on this site seem like educated and well-to-do individuals who might have an interest in this phone.

    Personally speaking, I like the IPhone, however, I would have to pass for the following reasons:

    - Cingular service- I remember the times when I had to walk outside of my house to get a signal with Cingular. Consumer Reports verifies my horrors with Cingular by stating they are the worst service one can have. My phone is not just a toy, its an emergency lifeline. I wouldnt feel safe on a long drive without Verizon. Verizon worked for me when I was out in Louisiana swamp areas on a vacation. Verizon worked for my friend who lives and works in Alaska. He always gets a signal no matter where he goes. Cingular, on the other hand, just gave me problems and dropped calls.

    - $600 price tag- All cell phones ultimately get dropped on the ground, misplaced or worn out. When I leave my cell phone someplace, I always get it back. Thats because cellphones have no worth to anyone, however, the IPhone will get snatched up in a second. Clicking a $600 phone in the wrong areas will make you stand out as a target. If you travel on business to areas you dont know, you will make yourself a target by clicking away on the device.
  2. WD40


    the question is not "would you buy it", but when will you buy it.

    North Americans are technology leaders but lags sorely in implementation and adaptation.

    Many of the the iPhone's functionalities have already been available in Japan, Korean and Hong Kong for a long time. In the not too far near future, North Americans will be adapting them too, and it will not be a matter of choice, but necessity.

    Japan far ahead of iPhone
    Cellphones there used for everything from buying milk to booking a train
  3. id buy two. one for each foot.
  4. What about the Cingular service? Im surprised a premium cell phone paired with a 3rd rate carrier.

    I had Cingular until I finally got tired of it. Dropped calls and had to walk outside the house just to get a signal.

  5. bgp


    that was funny walter . myself i would not waste the money . second cisco owns the name and we see what happens when irrational exuberance is in the air , clear focus is lost.

  6. WD40


    I am sorry to hear about poor mobile service in NA.

    I am in Asia right now. The wireless service is very advance here. For example, for my trading, in additional to my land line, I have a 3.5G wireless broadband. The bandwidth is 2gb/s ! I have no problem streaming all my quotes and news at the same time, and it only costs US$120 per month for unlimited usage.

    When I go shopping, I get discount coupons delivered to my cellphone, right where I shop.

    I could use my cellphone to get direction to the nearest Ruby Tuesday.

    I could use my cellphone to get a Coke from a vending machine, or to buy stocks from my broker.

    I could use my cellphone to watch the TV news, while I was waiting for my plane, or to get insurance for my trip.

    the possibilities are endless.

    of course, not everybody wants or needs to use these functions.

    many people never had a fax machine; this technology has came and gone, and they survived.

    many people never had voice mail, and they have never lose a business or friendship over it.

    but I am glad it is available for those who wants it.
  7. Yes and I will pay a premium if i have to.
    Already registered for it.

    It changes the mobile phone world in the way he ipod did for music.
  8. S2007S


    it does not change the mobile phone world.
  9. Samsung Blackjack is much better at less than 1/2 the price.

    The Apple iPhone is a joke. 1% of cell phone market is what they're hoping for, and 2 billion in market cap gets added to Apple on the day it's announced.

    Apple is a marketing master. The iPhone is no iPod. Not even close.

    I say this as a FAN of Apple. I appreciate the user-friendliness, simplicity, innovation and 'cool' factor they've brought to electronics.
  10. no
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