APPLE IPHONE cost $599

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    AAPL Apple Computer: 8GB iPhone costs $599 - (91.90 +5.45) -Update-

    Shipping in June; Cingular exclusive partner
  2. and no PDA capability..... nice
  3. Save it for next year, the iPDA.
  4. 4GB model for $499
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  6. $599? Dam. That is too rich for my taste.


    Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs on Tuesday unveiled the iPhone, its new touch-screen mobile phone that will be able to play music, surf the Internet and take pictures, among other features.

    "Apple is going to reinvent the phone," Jobs said during his keynote speech at Macworld. "After today, nobody is going to look at these [other mobile phones] the same way again."


    Apple Computer, for example, will pay a higher price for a chip that makes the sound better in its iPod. That is why Linear has such high profit margins, says Doug Freedman, an analyst at American Technology Research.

    BusinessWeek Jan 8 article mentioning LLTC (Linear Technology):

    BusinessWeek Jan 8 article mentioned that LLTC "will soon be first on the market with a new series of signal-processing chips".

    If anyone sees a link showing LLTC chips inside the iPhones, post the link.


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    The whole Cingular exclusive is a bad idea I think...seems stupid anyway. Cingular may have a great user base, but an exclusive is going to give every other cell phone designer the chance to copy/improve/etc the Iphone and license i under multiple carriers. Stupid idea in my opinion.

    Steve Jobs comes across as more and more of an idiot to me. I think his ego's gotten a little too big now and Apple is hardly likely to keep growing...not with exclusive deals like the Iphone.

    Apple's computers seem to, at least empirically, have become a popular coffee shop item. It seems more fashion than function as PCs are so much more widely serviced. I've had Apple's too so you can spare me the "they don't crash as much bs" because they do.

    I don't see how the company can really keep growing because the Ipohone ain't no Ipod in innovation.
  9. Agreed.

    Cingular service is terrible, and the iPhone has a dreadful 5 hour battery life.

    $200 iPods are one thing - $499 and $599 iPhones are quite another.

    And don't forget - this will further cannibalize HIGHER MARGIN iPod sales!

    Should have called it the iBomb.
  10. the "dreadful" 5 hour battery life you speak of is in-call battery life/video/browsing.

    It gets 16 - that's sixteen - hours of audio playback. I imagine standby would be pretty high.

    Compare that to your treo and it should be quite similar - pretty impressive for a thing with a huge ass screen like that.

    Also - I'm curious as to what you expected it to cost? I mean.. it's an apple, when have they done anything but charge a premium for style?

    Though I must agree - 600$ gets you a 60G PS3 :p

    EDIT: I must agree that the cingular exclusive contract was a mistake for the long run. But I guess they had to pay CSCO for the iPhone name somehow!
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