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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nitro, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. nitro


    Very excited about this because if it is cheap enough, it could act as an ebook reader as well as a general computer.

    Hopeful that Apple makes a mat version. I can't stand the glossy laptops and I suspect I won't like a glossy tablet. If it only comes in glossy, it won't make much of an ebook reader.

    Finally, anyone that has an iPhone knows that the battery is a disaster and the phone needs to be replaced about once a year since the battery cannot be replaced. Is this the case with the iPad?
  2. ElCubano


    looks pretty cool.
  3. CNBC complaining that they haven't released the price or other details yet.... Jobs is still in the middle of the friggin announcement!! Idiots.
  4. I'm holding out for the next iteration with a bigger screen. It'll be called the "MaxiPad" :D

  5. lmao! good one. :D
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  7. Where is my Qwerty?

    I can't even pretend to type on a flat desk top. :)
  8. RedDuke


    Very disappointing. No multitasking, no flash support, only 64gb ??? 10 hours of batter life while watching videos, yeah right.

    When iPhone was revealed in 2007, I said WOW, and got it on second day of the launch.

    This one not even close. It looks to me that it will be niche product for enthusiasts. Also, if I sit on a sofa in front of TV, it won't be that comfortable to type.

    I kinda thought that they will announce a product along these lines, but was hoping for something amazing. Oh, well.
  9. True visionaries! :)

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  10. nitro


    My biggest disappointment is probably something that was not possible: I wanted this to be essentially a Mac OS X machine with an INTC processor so I don't need a laptop. I don't want both a Mac Laptop and an iPad.

    This is basically a giant iPhone. Not that impressed.
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