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  1. hello guys, i trade with velez capital and the system we use is ( THE ORBIS SYSTEM ) i tryed to down load to my i phone and i get an error saying "safari cant down load" any ideas how to get this on my i phone ? thanks :confused:
  3. LOL Velez Capital.

    You gonna be selling that I-phone on Craigslist soon.
  4. ok guru , why do you say that ......
  5. pspr


  6. Do you get FREE snake OIL from Ollie for promoting him?
  7. Sushi


  8. let me say this, i do not promote any one. but he has lived up to his word with his program and i do not have any problems with the program at all...
  9. Have you made back what you paid Olllie for training and software fees?
  10. no still at training level,
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