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    Anyone else thinks Apple's gonna drop March 4th?

    I did some modelling and they point towards a fall starting sometime tomorrow morning and ending on the 5th.

    The invalidation level would be around $211.

    Here are the important support levels I identified:

    208.80, 206.60, 204.25, 202.20, 200.00, 197.50

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  2. I'm pretty bullish overall on apple, but i'm inclined to agree there is resistance up here. If it breaks thru I think it will make new highs, if it doesn't I think it will pull back towards 200.
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    Yeah it certainly is a critical zone for the stock. But if you look at the smaller time frames, you'll see a pretty little triple top developing (attached)...

    My biggest concern with Apple right now is the iPad. It is not a differentiated product, nor a breakthrough one.
  4. It depends on how you look at it. If it keeps hitting the triple top, it may eventually break the resistance and move higher from there.
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    Yeah. From the analysis I've done, I see it generally crawl up through to summer then fall. I'm not sure if this coincides with their "feminine hygiene" product launch or what but that's what I'm getting.


  6. Up 1% AH
  7. Are you shorting it?
  8. mnikolic


    Short-term - yes. I think it's going to drop tomorrow. My stop-loss is @ $212


  9. It's $212.80 now...
  10. mnikolic


    Arggg! Mix-up.. That was in regards to OSE Industry analysis.

    For apple it's $215.50.

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