Apple employees searching homes!!! Whaaaat!!

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  1. This story is really strange and pretty disturbing..

    San Francisco (CNN) -- Police officials said they helped Apple investigators, who searched a man's home here recently.

    They were reportedly looking for a prototype of the next iPhone that an Apple employee left in a bar in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood, according to CNET. Apple had contacted the police claiming the prototype is invaluable, the report says.

    Four San Francisco Police officers escorted Apple investigators to a home in the city's Bernal Heights neighborhood, the statement said. The two Apple employees searched the home while the officers waited outside, police said. They did not find the item there and declined to file a police report, according to the statement.

    An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

    A city police official declined to comment to CNN and referred reporters to the news release. Earlier this week, officials said they had no record of an investigation.

    In the statement sent to CNN and other news media late Friday, police did not describe what "lost item" Apple was looking for. However, the file name of that news release is "iphone5.doc," as Reuters pointed out.

    Lt. Troy Dangerfield gave an interview to SF Weekly Friday afternoon confirming the police's involvement with Apple in the investigation.

    SF Weekly also interviewed a man who told the publication that he consented to having his home searched for a phone by six officers last month. No one in the group identified himself as being an Apple employee, the man told SF Weekly. He reportedly said that he assumed they were all police officials and would not have permitted entry if he knew the searchers were from Apple.

    If I lose a my phone at a bar, I don't think that gives me the right to start looking in peoples houses for it because I "tracked it" there!!!
  2. "...officials said they had no record of an investigation."

    It never even happened.

    I've noticed that seems to be happening a lot lately.
  3. who the f**k cares,,,,,,,,,
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    Many police authorities are out of control these days. I'm more afraid of the police than I am of the criminals. Criminals usually target old people, women, etc. The cops don't care. They have the courts on their side.

    This doesn't apply to all of the cops. It does apply to an alarmingly large number of them. Pretty sad, actually.
  5. The sooner the depression hits, the better. Cut those fat fucks budget. Cops have too much power.
  6. A depression (civil unrest) will only see more power vested in the cops.
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    Here's a tip - no matter what the circumstances, never, ever let the police search anything if they don't have a warrant.

    This is a long video but if you have the time its worth it:
    "Don't Talk to the Police" by Professor James Duane
  8. when an apple iphone prototype lost in china manufacture company, the man who was in charge of the iphone was beaten by the security officer badly and under so great pressure that he killed himself.

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    My my my, talk about cycles.

    Remember Apple's famous 1984 advert (search for it on Youtube, it's a good one).

    You know, Apple against 'Big Brother' that sort of thing.

    Well, look what the 'upstart kids' from 25 years back have morphed into........
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