Apple earnings by the numbers! $4.50 EPS++ and $20B REV.????????

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    Analysts expect

    $4.06 EPS
    $18.86B Revenue

    Its that time again, apple is once again going to show they can under promise and over deliver.

    I think out of the thousands of earnings reports this is the most important and most looked at by most investors.

    Looking through the estimates the numbers break down as follows:

    Analysts are expecting $4.06 in EPS and $18.86B on Revenue, now of course we all know apple loves to under estimate its forecasts. It is a given fact that tonight AAPL will blow both the EPS and REV estimates away by a very large amount. EPS will certainly be well above $4.50 with Revenue probably just shy of $20 billion. Apple will easily pass analysts avg revenue forecast by $1 Billion!!! The highest EPS est. is $4.41, I think that's still too low of an estimate as well.

    The biggest part of apples earnings are of course their 4 favorite consumer products which are the iphone, ipad, ipod and imac. Estimates are literally all over the place. The break down I found searching through the estimates are as follows:

    iphone Anywhere between 8 Million and 13 million Iphones, AAPL is looking between 11-12 million

    ipad 4.5-5 million ipads.

    They sold around 3.3 million in the 3rd quarter. Just remember many, many analysts are predicting the ipad to become even a more of a success in 2011 as many predict that sales of the ipad will range between 20-50 million units. This quarter one analyst is predicting ipad sales to surpass 5.5 million units, "Rajesh Ghai, an analyst for ThinkEquity, said he believes Apple sold 5.7 million iPads."

    imac sales are expected to be between 3.5-4 million.

    ipod sales 9.5-10 million.

    Taking these 4 products, if apple sells 12.5 million+ iphones, 5 million ipads, 3.75 million macs and over 9.5 million ipods revenue could easily surpass $20 billion!!!!
  2. AAPL and AMZN will be shorts of the millenium very soon

    AAPL will stop growing within 2 years if they don't envent something new
    4 products in highly competitve fields is not enough to be 300 bln company
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    I agree, there seems to be a lot of competition building for apple. Also keep in mind that apple is going to reach its saturation point soon.
  4. $289.79 billion in the moment. After earnings results $279.79 billion. :cool:
  5. I think its a few years still before competion/fad/mania catches up to apple.

    Who knows they'll probably come up with something new by then -- and keep chugging ahead.

    I still remember buying it back when the steve jobs dying rumour came out. Wish I had held it longer.

    But holding/investing is not my game.

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    In 20 mins apple share price according to every huge bull should be soaring approx 5-10% after the close on spectacular earnings. Remember aapl makes up 20% of the nasdaq so its almost a guarantee up day tomorrow after apple announces record breaking earnings.
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    sounds bearish
  8. "If it's good news, the market goes up." (low-ball corporate earnings/revenue figures, hedonically-adjusted gov't nonsense data, etc.") Both now and 2007

    "If it's bad news, the market still goes up." (QE2 now, rate cuts in 2007)

    "Our eyes & ears are closed to all that irrelevant stuff in the financial world (Foreclosure-gate now, sub-prime in 2007)

    "There's no inflation. Record high commodity prices are just noise" (Now and 2007).

    The main difference now is an official unemployment rate near 10% (closer to 20% by early 1980s measures) and higher debt levels.

    But go on...fiddle while Washington/Wall St. burns and party on. Just remember to party like it's tech bubble 1999 (and 1929 and 2007)....
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    Trading under $316.00

    Ibm sinking after announcing earnings but that's just going to be temporary.

    Raised there full yr esitmates from 11.25 to 11.40.

    Guy on bloomberg is talking about dow 20,000 by 2020!!!!
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    DOW at 63240 in year 2072 !!!

    AAPL halted
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