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    Here are some of the predictions of how many phones, pads and computers apple might have sold through the last quarter

    Low High est.
    Iphone 24 - 32M

    Ipod 4.5 - 6.5M

    Ipad 14 - 16M one analysts is at 19 Million units

    Imac About 5 million

    For more details check out this site

    I think apple moves an easy $40-$50 tonight after the close, if apple fails to show great earnings it could be a long downward move for tech in general these next few months!

    Apple trading at $610.50
  2. don't know where you've been, but tech has already been moving down. INTC, IBM, MSFT, CSCO, they've all been getting crushed lately.
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    with the recent intro of iphone5 and ipad mini, both are winners in my opinion, aapl is going to have a banner christmas.
  4. I disagree. Both products are fine and do what they are intended, but there's not enough excitement in them to get all the apple freaks' blood pumping like it has been the last several years.
  5. As a mobile programmer I can also say the overall sentiment about Apple among people in my industry is also poor. Iphone 5 final got a bigger screen however Samsung and HTC have already had those for over 2 years. Iphone 5 is simply playing catch up. Secondly adoption of iOS6 has been poor do to many of the recent changes and restrictions including maps. Thirdly iPad mini is the highest priced mini tablet in comparison to the wildly available and cheaper Android tablets. The iPad mini will also begin cannibalize the new iPad sales further on, Apple resellers have already noticed something like 700%(made up) increase in iPad turn ins. Coupled with the enormous spending on litigation instead of R&D. Overall Apple has lost a bit of it's spark, and at this point appears to just be playing catch up.
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    ndx futures falling hard!

    Apple halted!

    $8.67 in earnings!

    $8.75 was the analyst estimate....big drop coming!
  7. wow you are smart.

    AAPl = 607 (HUGE drop)

  8. Well It did drop hard. So lucky I didn't have a stop in place.
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    So what do you people think, is AAPL going to finish green tomorrow?
  10. I don't know all I know is we have bottomed this week.:confused: :eek: The bull is back.
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