Apple dropping like a prom dress

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  1. Apple is coming down like a prom dress in the back seat of a car. Lets see if it holds 500 .
  2. How disappointing is this stock lately. The market is holding up, and near highs but this stock continues to sell off. Now, I know most guys on here typically react or post based upon whether they got "lucky" and made money on AAPL selling off. That they "called it right the past couple weeks. For me, the big picture is that I would prefer AAPL either tread water or at least show some upside action.

    It's amazing how fickle things are today. One minute AAPL is going to trade to >1000, and now to at least >700, by many accounts; yet each day some group of traders or the mutual fund and/or public sellers who are getting hurt after a 200 point drop and capitulating, manage to slam it while the broad markets are up on the day.

    We gotta see a big upside pop on earnings. Don't we!? Just makes sense to me to be a contrarian here unless you believe the sellers are right, and it's going to get slammed.

    But are they ever right? Ok, are they right very often?!

    Any intelligent replies from experienced ET members on whether AAPL pops post-earnings?! Are pops pre-earnings [lol]. By "pop" I mean more than 10-15 points.

    [yep, another AAPL thread]
  3. ?....(Elliott Wave).......$700 minus $500 equals a $200 decline. The rally from $500 to $600 was a 50% retracement of that decline. Another $200 decline from $600 would bring AAPL down to $400. Cover your shorts at $399.99. It just may work. :cool: :eek: :D
  4. only idiots still ponder why it could not go up. majority know it is heading toward 400, 300, 200, 100.

    jen.23's earning will make it drop 100 points. did you look at the earning number, it is trending down, very ungly.

    buy some puts as early as possible to make your loss back

  5. umm lets see.
    1. their products are no longer "cool". hipsters have less and less money and showing off an expensive gadget is not sophisitcated anymore.

    2. kindles and nexus beat ipads

    3. small laptops no longer needed - tablets take over

    4. imac too expensive. mac mini + TV screen is cheaper

    5. iphones too weak to compete with samsung and soon sony or even LG

    in closing, other firms "got it".
    + people may not value themselves based on look of their gadgets. its so 5 minutes ago... everyone will have gadgets which look almost identical anyway....
  6. I was big-time long overnight

    better to be lucky than smart

    then I sold premium on pop at 530 price level on front week calls.

    However I see AAPL at 539-540 by Monday

    Of course Man of LaMancha [Don Quixote] is one of my favorite plays. So what do I know!
  7. Hey what do you know - this guy has all the answers like all the others who are great at 20/20 hindsight but probably never shorted a share or bought a put when stock was at 650-700!

    Same old clowns in the market - just recycled from the 80s and 90s.

    Everyone is a genius in hindsight.

    L O L
  8. Well... I guess the crowd is right this time. After all the crowd can be right for a while! That is true. But typically people go by the present rather than look ahead.

    AAPL is more likely to go higher that lower after earnings. Risk-reward favors that IMHO. Economy looks to be picking up. At least that is the perception by some. AAPL will have to participate in that!

    Of course I read your posts and you are rarely wrong [bet you must have a 98% track record calling the market - lol].

    So what puts are you holding today?!!

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