Apple down big today, why?

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    aside from technicals, what is the reason for it going down today?
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    Apple 2013 estimates lowered below consensus at UBS (TheFlyOnTheWall) - Dec 14 07:30 EDT
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    Company Symbols: NASDAQ-NMS:AAPL

    UBS lowered Apple 2013 EPS estimate to $47 from $51.50, below consensus of $49.39, following checks that indicate a falling iPhone build rate, mini cannibalization of the larger iPad, Chinese sources that do not expect the iPad5 to do as well as the iPad 4S, and tougher handset competition. The firm maintains its Buy rating and lowers its price target to $700 from $780. For the latest breaking news, listen to <a href='' target='new'>Fly Radio</a>
  3. a) More sellers than buyers

    b) Mercury is in retrograde

    c) Obama wants to add the "rule of thumb" to his list of fiscal cliff demands. The "rule of thumb" is an old English law that states that one could not beat their wife with anything wider than their thumb. Republicans, representing the wife beating South, are calling for secession if included. (Something to think about: It was a women who had invented the bulletproof vest.)

    d) Someone on the planet has indeed licked their elbow, which previously was impossible.

  4. Why do some arse-holes on ET always have to give a sarcastic reply.

    Is it because they are to stupid or unsophisticated to give an astute reply?!

    By the way UBS is one of the most, if not the most, corrupt firm on the Street- in my view. Bunch of losers who could not trade out of a paper-bag without front-running their analyst's downgrades or upgrades!.
  5. Don't post out of anger: Iceman be so mad cuz apple no go up!:


    After today, I'm done this this POS. too many sucker plays. Apparently I don't get it... and when I don't I invest/trade another company. Market is down slightly, yet this crap is down almost 15 points. Stock is becoming a f-king joke. Best days must be behind it! Seems like the shorts are correct."

    I made sure to post after a "possible" reason was cited. Who knows if that was the only reason or even a significant reason for the down day.
  6. If they don't include touch in their next generation laptops they will take a hit.
  7. guys, its a tremendous company. the best in my book. but with all things in life.." all good things must come to an end". even good people eventually come to an end, they pass away.
    it was a great run and made alot of people plenty of money.
  8. 1. the AAPL is still overpriced and this is normal move from the overpriced area.

    2. During 2008 crash hightech sector was more or less stable. After that many investors switch and moved their funds in that direction by pumping this sector and moving the prices above the stocks real value. Now this sectors is moving down and it affects AAPL negatively

    3. There is nothing new to come from AAPL to keep investors motivated. The past year AAPL moved up by introducing or promising new products - now they are a little bit exhausted

    This is not the end . It will drop to its real value. Then, bearish short-term speculators will push it below its real value and then it will go up again.

    When it going to happen? I will wait when I see this stock is moving down on high volume, more than 30 M shares per day, for a couple of trading sessions. This would mean that AAPL dropped to the level which became attractive to the big guys (institutional investors) . I will start buying with them - they will create new buying demand on it and they will start pushing it up again.
  9. Phones are like miniskirts. Right now everyone wants to watch netflix and youtube on a >5" screen. It's why the telcos can't keep the Galaxy Note 2 in stock. iPad Mini is cannibalizing the regular iPad.

    Google Play and Appstore will be virtually indistinguishable as all relevant developers port to both OS'.

    What's the next story? Phone -> huge-ass phone-like device -> ?
  10. The difference between Android and Apple OS is that Android OS is free. AAPL keeps everything to itself while Google creates stuff and lets other to use it by following old principle of old wise man - if you want to make money let other to make it with you. Because of that Android devices caught up with iPhones and iPads very quickly and even pressed them to move from their traditional size.

    Overall, Android devices are cheaper and more affordable (free OS does not affect the cost), Google Play and Appstore have basically similar set of apps as "atticus" noticed. Because of the monopolization strategy, AAPL products are not compatible with other products and it may affect his company in the future. Android OS is free, it develops very fast and I see in near future most of the devices using this system (TV, phones, satellites, cars and etc) simply because it will not put additional cost on a producer. The only thing that keeps AAPL is quality of their devices and popularity (people buy it because it is "cool"). On the other side, technology develops and less and less people expect an electronic device to work for 5-10 years, simply because most of the consumers change/update their devices within a couple of years for a more advanced ones. And popularity can go both ways. Samsung Galaxy has made a strong hit on AAPL popularity with respect to a "cool" device.

    When it comes to the choice between GOOG and AAPL stock I would rather go with GOOG.
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