Apple, current product and old products and wireless conflicts?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by taclander, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. I have a question for you APPL lovers. My oldest has an IPOD 4th generation, and he came back home today. He is unable to connect to our home wireless network. He has not had a problem in the past, but I know there has been an OS update as well as the I Phony 5(sorry, not an APPL nut myself) in the last couple of days and wonder if there is a conflict from either of these things. Anyone else experience this problem? Ordinarilly I'd make him figure it out, but he is home from surgery to move his ulnar nerve and is pretty miserable. As much as I think the APPl phenom is ridiculous, for my son I am willing to work to find a solution. Again, he has had no problems connecting until today, and he was home last weekend, so I kind of am inclined to think something happened with the OS update or the I Phone 5, and any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thanks, and if you need proof of a kid feeling miserable I can post pictures, as I just am not that nice a Dad that I didn't take pictures of him in the recovery room for future use. :D :D

    Thank you
  2. He was able to connect to your router last week?

    Have you power cycled your router yet?

  3. I didn't cycle the router as all the other wireless gear was working fine. After screwing around for an hour, I told him to turn it off for an hour or two. He did and it worked fine again. Previously he had tried turning it off for about 5 minutes, but did nothing.