Apple cash reserves 40 billion USD, what is AAPL waiting for ?

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  1. apple should launch their own hedge fund.
    or invest in photovoltaics - battery life for a lifetime without recharging :)
  2. You mean a hedge fund a la German Porsche ? :D
  3. Not really. How about Apple making cool cars powered by biofuel- apples! (the fruit). You throw 2 apples inside and drive for 100 miles.

    They've succeeded in computers, why not in automobiles?
  4. what are you smoking now? seems awesome.
  5. Stocks in the S&P 500 Index That Have Zero Dividends.
    Adobe Systems
    Advanced Micro Devices
    Agilent Technologies
    Akamai Technologies
    American Int'l. Group
    American Tower
    Apollo Group

    And by the way, as you can observe on this site there are some stocks in the S&P 500 with some highly attractive dividend yields :
  6. bat1


    only worth 5.5 Billion, I got that in my back pocket.

    He's poor :p
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