Apple becoming "uncool" - this image is the core of their business

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  1. I'm surprised they were cool for so long. Trendy fads usually come and go much faster than Apple.

    The million dollar question is.. who's next and what's their stock symbol? :D
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  3. Apple is a cult; it is not a trend. Apple has mistreated its customer base for years and they come back asking for more.

    Crispy cream donuts was a trend; and all trends end. People like donuts, but it did not have hypnotized followers for over a generation.

    Anyone shorting apple stock is a fool. The market is littered with the corpses of those who have shorted Apple since 2002.

    Like a cult, Apple's "trend" will last as long as its current leader remains in charge.

    And speaking of "uncool" times, Apple survived the 90s when their machines and OS were crap. Anyone remember when you could halt the entire Mac OS by just holding down the mouse over a menu item? And their fanboys still praised everything Apple.
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    Cool things require an air of exclusivity. Anything that becomes mainstream is not that cool any more.
  5. Correct.

    Whilst I'm not going to go into the 'Apples = castrated PCs' or the 'we choose the hardware so it just works' bollocks, I'll say this. Apple has brilliantly marketed their products to the loser types who believe that their lives are somehow incomplete unless they own Apple's latest gizmo. Apple shags them and these morons just say "thank you apple may I have another".

    A cult indeed. Apple fanboys = 'disciples'.
  6. I guess these are the same kind of people who called Bob Dylan "Judas" when he went electric. Some people don't like it when the mainstream discovers their little cult.
  7. I'm a BlackBerry guy & RIMM stock holder, but I'm not dumb enough to short AAPL. Go ahead wilburbear, short AAPL.
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    Thats not good for the brand

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  9. I did not like some of Apple's products since I can think which includes the whole range of desktop and laptop computers. I got my first Apple 2e when I was 12 and learned programming on that and Turbo Pascal. I never liked any proprietary systems such the whole Macintosh range of products because they are closed to other developers and it was the very reason Apple almost went under several years ago (and which is the precise reason Sony suffers so much right now).

    However, when I got an iphone this year (yes I am very late to the game) I was convinced that this was a product which deserves the hype and praises. Sure there are shortcomings, especially for corporate users (keyword:emailing) but most other features are very well thought through and keep the end user in mind which cannot be said of ANY other phone in the market right now.

    I cannot comment on the ipad because I have not tried it but my opinion is that its not something I need nor most others need.

    So, what is my point: Apple currently understands very well to pump out products which users like. I strongly believe that most of the success is not due to the brand name or what others have or dont have (dont forget Apple's success is also pushing into the last corners of Asia and Europe not just in the US, where bragging rights seem to be a big part of life, larger than other places). No, Apple brought to market a phone (most of the company's success can be attributed to the iPhone right now) which users can actually use, easily switch to other languages, easily type messages, navigate applications and summary, a success product not because of its name or price but because it simply does what people want.

    So, I do not understand anyone who comes along and tries to argue that Apple is a short at this point in time. Nor do I not understand people who support their short arguments with Apple's fading image of "coolness" (if it is even fading). In the end companies and products are great because they pump out products people want and use. Thats the same when Facebook came out, same when Sony's walkman or playstation came out, same when Nintendos game station came out, ...........Apple right now does things right while Nokia and Rimm and Palm (RIP) did not. Simple as that. If you must short some stocks on a fundamental basis then I highly recommend looking at Rimm and Nokia. Nokia may have have already made its biggest move down but those are stocks I would short on bounces and not Apple.
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